Fashion Focus 2020

by Alan Chambers on May 13, 2020

The Friday Five

Five Foundational Accessory Pieces from John Craig
by Alan Chambers, Director of Operations

When thinking about your outfit most focus, and rightly so, on what is seen: shirt, pants, jacket, and shoes. But even with the best pieces, you can still end up missing the mark you were so close to hitting. Below are our five suggestions for shoring up your look in 2020:

1. Tailoring

Whether it’s a coat with sloppy shoulders best left with Joan Collins in the 1980s, shirt sleeves bunching at the wrist, pleated pants, or fabric pooling at the ankles, we constantly notice men whose clothes haven’t been adequately tailored (or tailored at all). Too much fabric makes you look sloppy and heavier (especially those dreaded pleats).

At John Craig, hemming sleeves or pants is complimentary on full-priced items and make all the difference in the world. Even if you didn’t buy it at John Craig, come in, try it on for us, and we will be glad to share our recommendations for tailoring and introduce you to the experts we trust to alter our garments.

2. Collar Stays

No one has a fashion goal of looking like the 1960’s character, The Flying Nun. So often men have on expensive shirts that have been pressed and starched, but their collars are rolled up at the ends. It’s unprofessional and distracting. For as little as $20.00, you can pick up collar stays that will fit every dress shirt you own. If you want a button-down collar look without the button, you can invest in a collar stay with magnets by Wurkin Stiffs.

3. A Great Belt (or two or three)

Your belt should be 2 inches longer than your waist size. We prefer to see it buckled on the third hole. Unlike styles of the past, belts don’t have to match your shoes, but they should coordinate. Don’t be afraid of patterns or textiles that are a different grain or material. It is (better than) okay to wear a crocodile belt with a plain leather shoe. If your belt has seen better days, dump it. Also, make sure you have the right mix of belts for your various looks. The belt you wear with your suit shouldn’t be the one you wear with your shorts.

4. Socks or Not

Whether or not you are a plain, fun, no show, or a no socks at all kind of guy, own your look with great accessories. Pantharella socks out of England have some of the most luxurious men’s hosiery available in plain or even subtle patterns, Their Vintage Collection is my favorite.

If you consider socks your “man bling,” then you should check out our selection of Robert Graham socks. Like his shirts, the socks from their line are a work of art.

For those of you, like me, who don’t like the sock look and prefer to show off your ankles, you can opt for a no-show sock by Marcoliani, plain or patterned. For those purists opting for no socks, seen or unseen, pick up a set of cedar shoe trees for all of your kicks. It will save them and keep them smelling great.

5. Pocket Square

Yes, you should wear one, even if you have on a tie. Pocket squares are amazing, whether folded neatly and poking out of your breast pocket ever so slightly or popping like a peacock full of color.

A pocket square says, “I thought about my outfit.” It is never too much. And, once you start wearing them, you will make excuses to wear jackets more and feel naked if you forget to put one in your pocket.

At John Craig, we are all about ensuring the men we dress look their best. It is the details that elevate your look goes from good to great. Let us know if we can help. Remember, we love what we do, and we are great at it!


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